Do You Need A Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer?


Sometimes when you’re in a car accident, a ton of thoughts race through your mind. You have to pull out your insurance information, speak to the police, speak to the other party involved in the accident, take photos, get a tow truck, etc. However out of all of these things, perhaps the 1 thing that you need the most is a law firm who has the best Brooklyn car accident lawyer available.


I’ve been in a car accident myself. The driver had 4 kids in the car excluding her, and totally destroyed the rear end of my car. I had never been in this kind of situation before, so I panicked. The first call I made was to my insurance company, and I listened to their advice on what to do next. However, I realized that I made a terrible error by calling them first – because I forgot to do a lot of other things that would be crucial to the case.


Finally the officer at the scene called an expensive tow truck for me, and this guy gave me a TON of information about what I need to do – or “should” do. When he mounted my car on his tow truck, he suggested that I take photos immediately, go to the hospital and see a doctor, retain the copy of the police report that the officer at the scene generated for me, and contact my place of employment about what just happened. But perhaps the BEST advice he gave to me, was to get a good car accident lawyer.


I would have been light years ahead of the curve if I had known this information first. Luckily my dad knew some car accident lawyers that he had worked with in the past, and at the end of the day, they were able to give me money that amounted to over triple the cost of the vehicle that I initially had. I was astonished. And if you need a Brooklyn car accident lawyer who can give you the information and reimbursement that you deserve, then you should contact the law firm “Oliveri & Schwartz”.


Brooklyn is a tough city to live in and thrive been, but the car accident lawyers at this firm are even tougher. They’ve been through plenty of car accident cases and know the immediate steps to take to get you back on your feet, and helping you to receive the compensation that you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish either, because they have translators there that can interpret and notate everything that you tell them.


Oliveri & Schwartz will give you the best course of events to take after meeting with them. In order to make a good case for you, they will need some of the documents and information you took at the scene of the accident. These include the police report, photographs of your car along with photographs of the other party’s car, photographs that the officer took, crash reports, witnesses (if possible), car insurance information, and anything extra that is pertinent to the case.


If you need a Brooklyn car accident lawyer, you need to give “Oliveri & Schwartz” a call right now. It will be the best decision you will make if you’ve just been in a car accident. They can be found online at: “” or you can call them at: 1-800-427-9546.

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